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Extra Curricular Activities

Sports Day

To make the students physically fit and develop a spirit of sportsmanship, students are encouraged to participate in all the sports events conducted at various levels. A Sports Day is held annually.

Inter-school competitions

At the Supreme Model college, we've gone on the far side the schoolroom to push languages, oral presentation and art. Associate in Nursing interscholastic verse form Recitation Competition was conducted for grades five to ten. a complete of forty students participated from seven faculties, creating it a grand success.

Subject Weeks

To encourage experiential learning process, subject weeks like Maths Weeks, Science Week, Computer Week and so on are celebrated. This helps the children learn through their experience of being a part of such activities.

Celebrations of Festivals

To create a sense of unity in diversity, the School celebrates festivals of all faiths and promotes pluralism in the classroom.

School Picnics

Picnics to theme parks, resorts and water parks are organised for the students annually.

Field Trips and Excursions

Regular visits are arranged for all grades to places of educational value in and around the city. Educational tours for higher grades are conducted at landmarks throughout the country.