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Our curriculum envisages integrated learning experiences for children. In order to achieve this, a strong emphasis is placed on planning. Within the framework of the curriculum, there is a flexibility to plan a programme that is appropriate to the individual circumstances and to the needs, aptitudes and interests of the children. We present content, approaches and methodologies in such ways to adapt and interpret the curriculum where necessary to meet learners’ own unique requirements. Learning thought experiences/ opportunities, through play and fun, understanding and application forms the crux of our learning approach.

Elementary School

The Supreme Model School School provides a caring atmosphere where students are encouraged to collaborate effectively, reason critically, think creatively .

  • Integrated / Holistic methods
  • Project / Play way methods
  • Direct instructions / Lecture method
  • Story method / dramatization
  • First hand Experiences / Sensory Experiences

Middle School

The middle school programme at Supreme Model School is based on findings in behavioural and developmental psychology and educational research.

  • Study skills/ Thinking Skills
  • Organisation Skills and Technology Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Experiments and Demonstrations
  • Presentation through Different Media

High School

It allows you to offer a broad and balanced curriculum by recognizing the achievements of students who pass examinations in at least seven subjects, including two languages

  • Exploration and Research
  • Reasoned Debate – Information and Reasons
  • Activity Oriented Method
  • Cross Curricular Approach
  • Group Work / Individual Work / Pair Work

Our Integrated Approach to Learning

We believe in including a range of integrated curricular and co-curricular aspects. Skills like linguistic, logical / mathematical , spatial , bodily / kinesthetic , self – learning, communication , life skills orientation, global understanding , aesthetic expressions , development of balance and harmony, inter – personal and intra personal intelligence are some of the key components of our Integrated Approach to Learning.
This incorporates all areas / subjects of learning like Language, Math, Science, Social Science, Art, Drama, Music, and Physical Education.

Flavours and Facts

  • Meaningful
  • Relevant
  • Futuristic
  • Holistic
  • Connecting to the commonsensical real world
  • Joyful

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