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About Supreme Model School

``Children are the wealth of the world. We are here to mould them.”

Supreme Model School gets its name from the word supreme. As we all are aware that the word supreme means, the best or the highest. Our school recognizes the fact that all children have potential, of being the supreme. They are waiting to be unfolded and discovered. When given an appropriate, rich, supportive and nourishing environment, children can blossom and evolve as healthy human beings.

Flavour of Supreme Model School





Connecting to the commonsensical real world


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in them to create a liking towards learning, enhance creativity and illuminate their intellect in many different ways.

Our Mission

All the children can learn once they are given the opportunity in an appropriate, productive learning environment. As a result, we create a community of life-long learners through integrating student based learning, curriculum based learning and life experiences.

Our Goal

To create an environment where children, teachers and parents work together in a cooperative spirit and composed frame of mind to consistently encourage each child's maximum development.